Soccer Trainer Mission Statement

Play Smarter, Faster, Longer, and Stronger

My Business Name really does speak for itself. Delivered Soccer Trainer is all about delivering soccer training to you. I live and work in Louisville KY but I am willing to travel to surrounding cities. 

Play Smarter

I provide way more than skills training. I teach players how to Coach themselves. I teach players what to look for in their technique so they can identify what they are doing right and wrong. If a player can’t explain to me or another player how to execute the skills I’ve taught them then they won’t retain that skill for very long. I also teach players how to work smarter not harder. This includes teaching soccer tactics, Nutrition, Fitness, Strength, Agility, and Footwork. 

Play Faster

It’s hard for most players to understand but in order to pay faster you actually have to slow down and focus on the technique. What’s the point of driving faster if you lose the ball constantly. So I teach players how slow down and learn perfect technique then slowly increase the speed that they execute the skill to ensure that they minimize mistakes

Play Longer

In order to pay Longer you have to minimize injuries with Muscular Endurance exercises and increase Cardio Respiratory Endurance to outlast your competition. I am a Certified Personal Trainer with years of experience training people of all ages, genders, and sports so I definitely know how to improve a soccer players endurance so they become the fittest player for their age.

Play Stronger

A lot of soccer players wait too long to start strength training and they end up acquiring injuries at a young age that make it almost impossible to play at the professional or collegiate level. This is why you want a Certified Personal Trainer like me that can provide the exercises and workouts to build strength before it’s too late.

As a Personal Soccer Trainer I can see a players strengths and weaknesses that their team coach can’t because their team coach is focused on the team and can’t create individualized training like a Solo Soccer Trainer can. The best players all had their own Private Soccer Trainer throughout their careers because they knew they needed personalized soccer instruction to identify and improve their weaknesses while continuing to maintain their strengths.

I have played soccer since the age of Five years old. I played competitive and recreational soccer growing up. I earned an athletic scholarship all four years in college and went on to try out professionally in Europe. I could have played on Division 3 teams in Europe but I decided to go back to my hometown of Louisville KY to become a coach and teacher instead. I coached boys and girls varsity programs at Spencer Country High School and started the first house and girls middle School teams. Then I went on to Coach for the competitive club Oldham County Thoroughbreds for 4 years. Meanwhile I owned my own summer soccer camps from 2005-2012 when I moved to the Cayman Islands to teach. I was the goalie Coach for the third place Premier League team and later became their starting goalkeeper. I returned to Louisville KY in 2016 and coached at Derby City Rovers. I was the Youth Director, Club Goalie Coach, PDL Professional Development League Goalie Coach, and Strength and Conditioning Coach for 3 years until I decided to focus on Personal Training and Soccer Training full time.

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